It’s 11.00 AM and I got down to business. Sit in silence.
Several days ago my husband bought a book for me, the tittle is Meraup dollar lewat blog (earning money by blog). He know that I am an addicted blogging enough. Not too much, but everything that I do, give me an inspiration to write in my blog. I talk anything, about family, activities, job and etc
Some people say that blogging is wasting time manner. Just make someone be a narcissism, talk anything happened include unimportant thing.
We all know what a blog is. It is a web log, a electronic form of a diary, at least that is how they started out. But how you look at blogs and how you use them can have several different meanings.
Let’s start at the beginning. Blogs were originally just diaries, either for personal or business use until someone found out that their popular blog about their dog Skip was making them some money.
Blogs then evolved into every niche available and monetization of these blogs became a separate income stream and job by itself. Now blogs are even able to look better than some website with all of the widgets and themes now available to use for them.
Yes, in my bottom of my heart I thought a lot of advantages from blogging. I have to get something from here. Thank good, I feell A lot of love and care from friend in anywhere. So I feel much commitment to it, And I don’t want to destroy the meaning of beautiful friendship. Even, Some people have strong personal feelings with respect to making money from their blogs.
Flashed on my mind that some friend make online shop in their blog. It’s not to bad. So I think that both of them are the same. Have I start to do it? But, from where ?. .
Oke, Don’t think too much
And then I decided .. yap I have to start from now on. It is possible to get paid for blogging. Then I register to blogsvertise. So simple to do. Just review about it, let the people see. And I hope that’ll become a chain circle. Just like homework that we automatically estafette from one to another blogger. I hope that blogsvertise give me a lucky and money . Why I use blogvertise? Some friend tell me that blogvertise give him all the much. He published his earning while two months joining Paid to Review Program.
Well, I realize that traffic is the primary fuel of online income generation. Because for most methods of online income generation, income is a function of traffic. More traffic more income. Can I? well, at least I try to. What about you?
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  1. Great effort meets amazing prosperity...
    Keep blogging ummi !!!
    Don't forget to add my name on list when the check sent.
    10% in cash, hehehehhe.

  2. Coba aja..klo sukses ajak kita ya..

  3. Klo dollarnya udah byk bag2 ya Ina..

  4. asek neh, dapet duit kan..? he he he

  5. Anonymous7:49 PM papa secara emang dapat duit belum tau juga tuh coba aja deh..ntar kl udah dpt kasih tau ke kita2 ya hihi...

  6. Anonymous8:03 PM

    bukan ogah ga bs ninggalin pesen di Sb. SBnya ikutan jalan ketas tuh...

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